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InterAct for Change is a trusted resource for all types of foundations, charitable trusts, and supporting organizations. Once the strategic planning process is over, the professionals in our Foundation Services office provide the infrastructure to empower your charitable giving.

We are here to do as much of the legwork as you want us to do when it comes to grantmaking, financial and administrative details, leaving you free to engage in the rewards that come from active giving.

Clients have given us resoundingly positive feedback about their experiences with the InterAct for Change approach. They report that InterAct for Change has given them:

  • An opportunity to create connections—within their families and their communities
  • A lasting legacy of positive change
  • A solution to the challenge of creating an impact with whatever energy and resources they have to give
  • An awakening about the world and the community

To develop highly satisfying philanthropic experiences, InterAct for Change offers a variety of services to individuals, families, and foundations. Combined, these services are powerful tools to help individuals, families and foundations identify the most engaging and meaningful philanthropic activities. The result is an effective and lasting legacy of hope. Click on the links below to find out more.