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Nursing Scholarships FAQ

Where can I find copies of the application forms?

You can download a PDF of the application questions.

Where should I submit materials?

Applications will be accepted through an online portal.

My program is not accredited. Can I still apply?

No. Your program must be accredited.

Can I submit anything after the deadline?

No, wait for next year if you miss the deadline for this year.

I do not meet all the criteria. Should I apply anyway?

No, there are no exceptions made. Be aware you must live within or attend a school within the 65 mile radius of downtown Cincinnati. Click here to see a map of nursing schools within the 65-mile radius, or click here to measure the distance from your address or school to downtown Cincinnati.

I do not have a grade in my transcript for a nursing clinical. Do I really need this for an InterAct for Change Nursing Scholarship?

YES! These are very competitive scholarships. Do not apply without at least a grade of 3.0 (B) documented for your clinical(s) and some indication that your faculty recommendation(s) will be favorable. Grades from undergraduate nursing clinicals will be acceptable for masters or doctorate degrees.

Must I have an active RN license to apply for the Ida Casey Scholarship Nursing Scholarship?

Yes. There are no exceptions to requirements for scholarships for graduate programs.

I did not read and follow the directions or failed to allow processing time for my school’s registrar’s office to independently mail my transcript to Francie Wolgin by March 31, 2021. Will my application be processed?

Incomplete applications will not be considered for scholarships.

I am scheduled to graduate or complete my program in May or June 2021 but have financial need. Am I eligible to apply?

Be aware that funds are sent on your behalf directly to the academic institution or program to pay tuition, lab or graduation fees. The scholarship checks are not issued to individuals and unused money is returned to InterAct for Change. Most schools apply the money to the current outstanding balances or the next quarter or semester bill. Scholarship funds cannot be applied to existing student loans.

Will I be able to submit again or reapply after I receive an InterAct for Change?

Yes, as long as you meet the criteria you may. Each group of applicants is evaluated independently. At this time no multiple-year scholarships are awarded.