FRHE: Why now?

We can prevent deaths from overdoses.

  • There are almost 2 deaths per day (588 in 2014) in the 11-county region due to opioid-related overdoses.
  • We can dramatically reduce the cost of managing addiction.
  • For every $1 spent on addiction treatment, the community can save between $5 and $15 in other costs (for medical expenses, incarceration and housing).
  • Expanding the availability of medication assisted treatment services, the standard of care for heroin addiction, will greatly improve the health of people with addictions.

We can improve the health of babies born in the region.

  • Between 2009-2014, a six-fold increase in drug-exposed infants occurred in regional hospitals.
  • For every $1 spent on prevention, there is an $18 savings in other costs.

We can prevent the rise in hepatitis C cases.

  • The rise in hepatitis C cases in our region is 2-4 times the national average, costing $100,000 per case.

How are funding decisions made?

  • Applications are screened by InterAct for Change and then brought to the Steering Committee for review and discussion in detail.

Shared investors have one vote per entity.

  • All shared investors are encouraged but not mandated to participate in selection process.

What kind of projects are funded?

  • Enhanced community-based prevention services to fill identified gaps
  • Programs designed to expand overdose reversal kit distribution and other harm reduction efforts
  • Programs that provide education for medical providers on screening and treatment of addiction, on alternative prescribing practices and on treatment resources

Happening Now

  • Funders Response to the Heroin Epidemic (FRHE)

    The Funders' Response to the Heroin Epidemic (FRHE) announced it has made its first community grants to support local communities response to opioid misuse and addiction.

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  • SVP Cincinnati

    Social Venture Partners is Greater Cincinnati's home for engaged philanthropists. They are part of an international network of 3500 Partners who collectively invest time, talent and grant money in innovative ways to strengthen local nonprofits. Their purpose is to enable our investees to make the Cincinnati region a stronger and more vibrant community.

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  • Growing Well

    Growing Well is an independent nonprofit organization that improves the health of our communities by connecting students and their families to accessible, school-based health services. Growing Well supports centers in Kentucky and Ohio, creating an environment where children are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential.

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