FRHE: How We Work

The FRHE Funders are working together to respond to the opioid epidemic in three ways:

  1. Shared Funding: Several regional funders have contributed to a shared investment pool of funding, which will be distributed to community projects that the FRHE prioritizes.
  2. Independent Investing: Additional regional funders have committed to participating as independent partners. These funders will select projects that are gathered through the FRHE's RFP and solicit proposals that they will then fund through their own processes.
  3. Signature Project(s): The FRHE will select an annual signature project that will receive support (including capacity building, policy support, etc.) from the community of funding partners.

The FRHE is led and staffed by InterAct for Change. The FRHE is guided by a Working Team of funding partners, including Interact for Health, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the Durr Foundation.

Current FRHE Shared Investors include:

  • Bethesda, Inc.
  • The Cincinnati Bar Foundation
  • Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • The Hatton Foundation
  • Interact for Health
  • The R.C. Durr Foundation
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Why Shared Investment?

  • Leverages funds from multiple donors so we can work on larger projects with more impact
  • Optimizes resources by sharing structure, process, and learning
  • Uses expertise of funders already working on this issue
  • Generates common understanding and greater consensus around strategic investments
  • Focuses resources on a regional effort creating the best chance at stemming the epidemic in a comprehensive way
  • Creates a centralized clearing house that allows for allows for faster collection and disbursement of funds

Happening Now

  • Funders Response to the Heroin Epidemic (FRHE)

    The Funders' Response to the Heroin Epidemic (FRHE) announced it has made its first community grants to support local communities response to opioid misuse and addiction.

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  • SVP Cincinnati

    Social Venture Partners is Greater Cincinnati's home for engaged philanthropists. They are part of an international network of 3500 Partners who collectively invest time, talent and grant money in innovative ways to strengthen local nonprofits. Their purpose is to enable our investees to make the Cincinnati region a stronger and more vibrant community.

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  • Growing Well

    Growing Well is an independent nonprofit organization that improves the health of our communities by connecting students and their families to accessible, school-based health services. Growing Well supports centers in Kentucky and Ohio, creating an environment where children are healthy and achieving at their fullest potential.

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