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We understand that active philanthropy may be a new concept to many. Below are some common questions InterAct for Change hears from our clients and partners. Call us at (513) 458-6680 for more information or for answers to your specific questions.

How is InterAct for Change different from other philanthropic organizations?

First of all, InterAct for Change is interested in your goals and objectives; we are here to serve and support you, not to carry out a community agenda.  You can keep your philanthropy as private as you wish or you can be out front—it’s up to you.  Our Board of Directors does not have a “top-down” issue-based agenda; their vision is to offer InterAct for Change as a community service. We are a high-quality, customized and personalized philanthropic organization for people with a passion to make their giving count.

Secondly, while we work with all kinds of clients and partners, our specialty is on active and high-engagement giving—defined as a "hands-on" approach, blending intellectual capital and financial contributions to achieve measurable outcomes. By searching for and developing innovative solutions, we inspire, lead, and support our clients and partners in strategic, active, and collaborative giving. We don't just hope for change; we make it happen.

Thirdly, our culture is entrepreneurial and innovative, yet we are serious about accountability, transparency, and stewardship of your trust and your resources.

What will an InterAct client or partner experience?

There are several characteristics that make InterAct for Change a 21st century model of philanthropy:

  • Partnerships—InterAct clients, partners and professionals build deep and trusting relationships. We become partners in philanthropy, working together to achieve results. We also frequently encourage partnerships with other people and organizations, including your own professional advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, and money managers.
  • Engagement—InterAct for Change spends time with clients and partners up front to determine what their passions are and what inspires them. As they learn about the issues, clients and partners often contribute their time and energy, as well as financial resources.
  • Customization—Unlike some philanthropic organizations, InterAct for Change doesn’t just match a client to an existing program. Instead, InterAct works closely with clients to build customized solutions from the ground up and provide all the necessary services to make programs and initiatives achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Measurement—While some organizations may walk away once the solution has been set in motion, InterAct for Change stays involved and actively measures results. Depending on what the client wants, we continuously evaluate and report results, so clients understand the impact of their philanthropy. We take measurement a step further by using the results to refine programs and solutions on an ongoing basis.

Whom does InterAct for Change serve?

InterAct for Change works with anyone who is interested in making a real impact through active giving, including:

  • Individuals and families seeking to discover and activate their charitable vision for positive impact.
  • Corporate and private foundations benefiting from a strategic, advisory and administrative partner for their grantmaking, program design, administration, and evaluation.
  • Families desiring to implement strategies and techniques to engage the next generation in philanthropy.
  • Entrepreneurs and emerging philanthropists looking for a skills-based, hands-on approach to funding and solving complex social and human problems.
  • Individuals and nonprofits seeking a public charity as a philanthropic partner for their partner-advised, restricted, or endowment funds.

What is active philanthropy?

Active philanthropy invites people to experience new ideas, new energy, and fresh solutions for their charitable giving activities. It is a “hands-on” approach to giving, involving more than writing a check.

What's the end result of active philanthropy?

Through our strategic and innovative processes, clients become engaged and satisfied philanthropists. In short, InterAct for Change is the organization people can go to when they want to make a real impact with their giving—AND see the results.

What is a giving collaborative?

Giving collaboratives provide a peer-driven philanthropic experience to formal and informal groups of people who come together around a cause or a mission. Education and fun are combined with giving to achieve mutually agreed on goals and results. InterAct provides staff support and administrative and financial services as needed to facilitate the process.

What is a Partner-Advised Philanthropic Fund?

A Partner-Advised Philanthropic Fund (sometimes called a donor-advised fund) is a convenient tax-exempt vehicle for people who wish to control their charitable giving decisions over time without the formality of a private foundation.

How did InterAct for Change begin?

In 2002, The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati established the Health Foundation Fund. In 2007, BeneFactors, LLC, a consulting and management firm in the field of philanthropy, joined with the Health Foundation Fund to create a full-service philanthropic enterprise. InterAct for Change builds on the strengths of these two organizations to offer a 21st-century model of superlative products and services.

How do I know what kind of philanthropy is right for me?

InterAct for Change Advisors work closely with you to uncover your passions for giving, as well any financial goals you may want to achieve through philanthropy. We help you design just the right solution so that you engage in a form of philanthropy that is meaningful and rewarding for you.

What is venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship?

Both venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship have been around for several years, but have become more popular in recent years, especially in some parts of the country.  (In fact, some foundations have practiced venture philanthropy for decades.)  While definitions vary, venture philanthropy typically is characterized by the giving of time, business skills, and money over a sustained period to achieve systemic change and measurable results.  Social entrepreneurship usually involves helping nonprofits develop profit-generating activities.

What is Social Venture Partners?

Social Venture Partners International is a public charity with affiliates in 26 cities around the world. Using specific program guidelines and practices, this diverse network of engaged donors pool their financial contributions and business skills to learn from each other and build the capacity of nonprofit organizations for positive, sustained community impact. InterAct for Change is the regional affiliate of SVPI.