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InterAct for Change is a philanthropic organization that applies a fresh, bold approach to charitable giving. We understand that individuals, families, and organizations have distinct passions, beliefs, and ideals that influence their charitable activities, with end goals that could be different for each.

We have developed a personalized and flexible approach that meets the philanthropic needs of each client. Our mission is to inspire, lead, and support active giving and innovative philanthropic solutions. We are committed to making every charitable contribution, and every philanthropic plan, whatever the level or extent, as positive an experience as possible.

We invite you to explore our website for ways we can meet your charitable giving needs.

~ Dig Deep ~

"Most people think that Americans are generous because we are rich. The truth is that we are rich...because we are generous." Dr. Claire Gaudiani

In this time of economic uncertainty the answer is not to pull back, but to be innovative and give in ways you can.

The world is changing. We're thinking more, driving less, spending less, recycling more. It feels virtuous to cut back a little. And eventually, the economy will come back. So share whatever "wealth" you have. The community, indeed the world needs it more than ever.

Believe it or not, history shows that giving remains constant in America even when times are tough. Giving actually rose in the Great Depression. Only one time in the last 40 years has giving declined - 1987, which was the year of "Black Monday".